In recent years, especially the years 2017 and 2018, winter storms have been incredibly hazardous.

All over the northern hemisphere, there have been devastating disasters. The East Coast of the USA has had one Nor’easter after another. This is creating feet of snow instead of inches. In Europe, they have had their share also. In England, they had such freezing temperatures that the ocean began to freeze over. Florida had actually received snow which is a rare phenomenon.

What types of Winter Storms are there?

Nor’easter:  These come from the Northeast and hit along the East coast of the USA. It is when an abundance of moisture and freezing temperatures come together. It causes hurricane-force winds and generous amounts of snow. With the hurricane force winds, you get the moisture from the ocean that mixes with the freezing winds. This has caused freezing of EVERYTHING.

Blizzards-:  Then you mix strong winds, snow and cold temperatures you get blizzards. There have been times that Blizzards were so devastating that it shut down towns.

Thundersnow:  This is a cool phenomenon. It is when in the middle of a snowstorm and Thunder occurs. This usually happens in late winter. The tricky part is that having the right instability in the winter. You need warm air below and cold pressure above to create this fete. Expect lots of snow when this happens. Over two inches of snow has been known to fall in an hour.

Ice storm that has weighed down trees to trap car

Source: NOAA via Pxhere

Freezing Rain:  This year there have been several videos of people trying to get to their vehicles but can’t. This is because the whole driveway has frozen over. Freezing rain is when the rain has come during below freezing temperatures. Black ice is abundant.

Ice Storms:  Have you ever seen a tree caked with Ice and split in half. This is what ice storms do. A mixture of the below Freezing moisture and ice that is at least ¼ inch thick. This is what makes it an ice storm instead of just freezing rain.

Frost Quake:  This is not a seismic anomaly. This is when warm moisture falls to the ground and expands. Then there is a rapid freezing drop in temperature. Because the soil and bedrock have expanded it comes to a breaking point. This causes a sound like a quake.

The Earth is Amazing

The Earth is always throwing new challenges our way. Sometimes when you are amid a storm, the beauty is hidden. When we look back at the awe of the whole storm, we can see the stunning allure it has.

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