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Gift Ideas: The Must-Have’s for Fishing

Fishing is a great outdoor past time that a lot of people love. Families and friends have passed down experiences from generation to generations and they all involve fishing. The quiet atmosphere of fishing can be the peace you are looking for in this busy world. Here are some great accessories to make your fishing Read More

What Is the Beaufort Scale? What Is Its History?

Introduction—What is the Beaufort scale? The Beaufort scale refers to a method of estimating wind speed based on the surface condition of a large body of water in relation to wind waves and swell. The advent of the scale enables sailors to measure wind speed simply by observing the surface of the sea. Historical perspective Read More

Hurricane: A Major Wind Force!

Hurricanes. How powerful are they? How does a hurricane work? What do you do in a Hurricane and after? Tropical places are hot and sunny in the summer.  The skies darken and storms sweep in from the sea, bringing fierce winds and lashing rain in the fall.   Depending on where you live, these storms are called Tropical storm, tropical cyclones, typhoons or hurricanes.