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Different Types of Sheet Ice

Typical sheet ice refers to ice formed through a rapid freezing effect. They appear in a smooth, thin layer usually on water or wet surfaces. In other words, sheet ice completely covers the surface waters by thin layer ice pellets. The Formation of Sheet Ice As temperature continually goes down, the ice gradually grows thicker. Read More

Winter Storms: The Ultimate Challenge

In recent years, especially the years 2017 and 2018, winter storms have been incredibly hazardous. All over the northern hemisphere, there have been devastating disasters. The East Coast of the USA has had one Nor’easter after another. This is creating feet of snow instead of inches. In Europe, they have had their share also. In Read More

What Is Hard Rime and Soft Rime?

Ice Crystals dangling Introduction Rime refers to a coating of ice. It is the buildup of ice usually in the form of small white crystals which occurs when small liquid droplets freeze upon making contact with a cold surface. There are two types of rimes depending on how they occur. These are hard rime and Read More

Rain Smelling Like the Lake Could Be Lake Effect

Lake Effect  Snow and Rain Lake effect Snow is something that is common almost every winter. It receives a lot of attention in the press but what about Lake effect Rain? Is there anything like that? Well, the argument sometimes is that Lake effect Rain isn’t exciting and therefore it receives very little attention. Yet, Read More

Measuring Snowfall: How and Where to Measure

Introduction Measuring snowfall is very important. Thousands of snow enthusiasts come out every year to see their surroundings turn into a ‘white heaven’ of winter. It’s even more fun in knowing the amount of accumulated snow that gathers in your area each year, but arriving at the right or official measurement is not always as Read More