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The Effects of Weather on Agriculture

Agriculture, the cultivation of crops and rearing of livestock for food and commercial purposes.  It is one of the pillars of the thriving economy of any country. United States Agriculture alone, for instance, is responsible for $300 billion gained to the US economy on an annual basis. When considering other agro-related products, the gross domestic Read More

Volcanic Ash’s Affect on the Weather

After volcanic eruptions, the impact can be felt thousands of miles away from the eruptive foci or center. The weather condition stretching the entire perimeter of such distances and beyond can be profoundly affected too. This relatively long-range impact comes from the materials which are given off or emitted during the eruption. Prominent amongst these Read More

Sandstorms!  Head for Cover!

What are Sandstorms? A sandstorm, dust storm, or haboob is mostly used when talking about a desert storm.  When a huge gust front or strong wind comes through, it picks up the loose sand and distributes it elsewhere, this is called saltation and suspension. Differences The difference between the sandstorm, dust storm and haboob must Read More

Blizzard, Nature’s Icy Wind!

Take us to light speed! A heavy snowstorm or a blizzard?  Have you ever driven down the highway during a snowstorm and you can’t even see the front of your car?  The feeling of light speed as you see the snow come towards the lights on your car.  What is a blizzard?  Is there a Read More

Storm Chasing: How It Started?

What is Storm Chasing? Storm chasing is a term that is defined as someone who is chasing storms or different weather conditions with some motive. It can also be done out of curiosity, for adventure or for some kind of scientific investigation. The person who does storm chasing is known as the storm chaser. However, Read More