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Imperial Measurements Vs. Metric Measurements

Celcius or Fahrenheit Differences As we look at reading temperatures, why are some using Imperial measurements while most others use Metric measurements? Do you know the difference? Well, let’s first look at what the different measurements are. Metric Measurement System Metric is a decimal system of weights and measures. It is easy to convert between units (e.g. from Read More

What Is the Beaufort Scale? What Is Its History?

Introduction—What is the Beaufort scale? The Beaufort scale refers to a method of estimating wind speed based on the surface condition of a large body of water in relation to wind waves and swell. The advent of the scale enables sailors to measure wind speed simply by observing the surface of the sea. Historical perspective Read More

Measuring Snowfall: How and Where to Measure

Introduction Measuring snowfall is very important. Thousands of snow enthusiasts come out every year to see their surroundings turn into a ‘white heaven’ of winter. It’s even more fun in knowing the amount of accumulated snow that gathers in your area each year, but arriving at the right or official measurement is not always as Read More