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How to Become a Meteorologist: The Pathway

Understanding the concept of meteorology and meteorologist Meteorology has to do with atmospheric science that studies various factors that affect the environment. It has to do with changes in the physical characteristics that make up the earth. What is a meteorologist?  A meteorologist is someone who studies, observes, reports and forecast weather conditions. As a Read More

Storm Chasing: How It Started?

What is Storm Chasing? Storm chasing is a term that is defined as someone who is chasing storms or different weather conditions with some motive. It can also be done out of curiosity, for adventure or for some kind of scientific investigation. The person who does storm chasing is known as the storm chaser. However, Read More

Hurricane: A Major Wind Force!

Hurricanes. How powerful are they? How does a hurricane work? What do you do in a Hurricane and after? Tropical places are hot and sunny in the summer.  The skies darken and storms sweep in from the sea, bringing fierce winds and lashing rain in the fall.   Depending on where you live, these storms are called Tropical storm, tropical cyclones, typhoons or hurricanes.