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The Political Theory of Climate Change

For decades now, climate change is one of the most discussed problems about the environment and has aroused lots of scholarly interest in several quarters. The effect of climate change is quite apparent ranging from the continuous rise in the earth’s surface temperature by 0.85-degree centigrade. The increase in temperatures links to the emission of Read More

The Science Behind the Sea Level Rising

For over a century now, sea level has been on the rise and has been at an even more rapid rate in the last decade. According to tidal gauge readings and satellite measurement, Global Mean Sea level has been on the increase by 0.3 inches (3.2 millimeters) annually. Within the last decade, it has approximately Read More

Arctic Ice Depletion: Should We Worry?

Arctic Ice is also known as Arctic sea ice. It is ocean water that has become frozen. It is responsible for the low temperature of the Polar Regions and ensures that the global climate is always conducive. With its reflective surface that is very bright enough, it sends the sun’s hot rays back to the Read More

How Do Wetlands Prevent Flooding?

Wetlands are a part of the ecosystem which posses several physical features such as a piece of land that is always wet. These will set it in the gap between the wildlife and where the water is contained. This unique habitat is found where both water and soil interact to support both plant and animal life. Read More