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Using the Sun to Generate Electricity

The sun remains the ultimate source of energy for the entire universe. Through photosynthesis, plants utilize this energy from the sun by synthesizing its food and sugar. Energy is then storing in the plant tissues. This energy is transferring when animals eat plants, and another animal eats the animal. These animals and plants die, and Read More

Monitoring the Co2 in the Earth’s Atmosphere

Introduction Climate Change monitoring CO2 in the atmosphere has been linked to climate change. Climate change is one phenomenon that has created much-heated debate among experts and non-specialists. While some argue that the notion has been exaggerated to score some political goals, others like NASA and some of the ruling elites from most of the Read More

The Atmosphere:  the Earth’s Protector

What is the atmosphere? Looking to the stars The atmosphere has been a curiosity since the beginning of time.  Looking at the clouds and seeing them form to all sorts of shapes and sizes, is a relaxing pass time.  As children and at times as adults, looking at the different shapes as they lay on Read More

Climate Change – What Do We Know Till Now?

Who can help Climate Change? Climate change is not limited for scientists and researchers alone to study. This is something even the common man needs to be aware of and contribute in the best way so he can save himself and the Earth at large. Here we will discuss everything you need to know about Read More