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Lightning Science: How does it Work?

The sight and sound of thunder and lightning usually mean the beginning of Spring. Some places it could mean the start of a hurricane. Mythology and Stories From the beginning, parents have tried to explain lightning. Whether it is religious ideas or made up stories to calm fears, some of the stories can be quite Read More

Yay! Information About the Barometer

A barometer is a basic scientific device used in meteorology to measure atmospheric pressure sometimes called barometric pressure. The word Barometer was derived from a Greek word ‘‘baros’’ meaning weight and ‘‘metron’’ which means measure. Atmospheric pressure is a tool to forecast weather, changes in the atmosphere which includes the air pressure.  Under most conditions, the Read More

The Importance of Barometric Pressure

Barometric Pressure, sometimes called Air Pressure or Atmospheric Pressure is the weight of air pressing down on the earth.  Barometric pressure changes from one geographical location to another.  The change causes air to move, creating areas of high pressure to low pressure. Barometric Pressure, is easily measured utilizing a Barometer.  There are essentially two forms Read More