A built in anemometer is used to measure wind speed.

UNITS:  MPH, M/S, KM/H, FPS, KNOTS, Beaufort

MODES:  Instant, Maximum, Average or Direction


A thermometer is built in to measure ambient temperature.

UNITS:  Fahrenheit or Celsius

MODES:  Instant, Minimum, Maximum, Average, Wind Chill


A built in Hygrometer measures Relative Humidity which is defined as the quantity or percentage of water vapor (water in gas form) in the air. Humidity influences environmental factors and calculations like precipitation, fog, dew point and heat index.

MODES: Instant, Minimum, Maximum, Average, Dew Point


A barometer measures atmospheric pressure. A barometer can help to forecast upcoming weather based on the changes it measures in the atmospheric pressure.

UNITS:  hPa, mbar, inHg, meters, and feet

MODES:  barometer QFE, barometer QNH, altitude

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