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Gift Ideas: The Must-Have’s for Fishing

Fishing is a great outdoor past time that a lot of people love. Families and friends have passed down experiences from generation to generations and they all involve fishing. The quiet atmosphere of fishing can be the peace you are looking for in this busy world. Here are some great accessories to make your fishing Read More

Gift Ideas: Best Camp Dutch Oven Accessories

Outdoor camp cooking with Dutch ovens is a super fun part of every camping trip, especially if you have the right accessories! These “every day” accessories, make unique gifts for people who love cooking outdoors with a Dutch camp oven!  We at WeatherEgg have compiled the BEST Camp Dutch Oven Accessories that are necessary.

How Do Wetlands Prevent Flooding?

Wetlands are a part of the ecosystem which posses several physical features such as a piece of land that is always wet. These will set it in the gap between the wildlife and where the water is contained. This unique habitat is found where both water and soil interact to support both plant and animal life. Read More