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Ebola: The Viral Epidemic

Ebola ravaged sub-Saharan Africa and filled the world with fear as the death toll continues to rise. It spreads like wildfire and quickly became endemic. The death toll has reached approximately 5,000 worldwide, and there has been one reported death in the United States. Furthermore, it has a 90% fatality rate. Therefore, it continues to Read More

Toba Catastrophe Theory Debunked

Volcanic eruptions can be disastrous to every organism living in its shadows. However, some volcanoes are so large that they are referred to as supervolcanoes. When supervolcanoes erupt, it can have world-wide catastrophic effects. In 1816, Mount Tambora erupted in Indonesia, and the emitted ash blocked out the sun in areas as far away as Read More

The Science of Ghosts and the Essence of the Human Soul

Original work done by Payton Yerke Hansen from Southern Utah University; October 21, 2014 Ghosts and the sense of an afterlife have enthralled our imagination, media, and religions for centuries. In a recent poll, it was found that 45% of all Americans believe ghosts to be real (Gayomali). In a separate poll, 22% reported sensing Read More

Volcanoes- Earth’s Most Iconic Natural Disasters

Of all the natural disasters, the flowing lava of a volcano stands as the most iconic. Every year, millions of people travel to volcanic tourist sites so they can gaze upon one of the most exciting and powerful natural events on Earth. While they offer breathtaking sites, they also are packed with the capacity to Read More

How do Sunburns and Suntans Form?

If you’re anything like me, summertime is filled with countless hours outside. Whether it is swimming, hiking, boating, or running, I am constantly soaking in the sun’s rays to hopefully get that desired golden tan. However, I recently vacationed in Lake Powell and, while I came back with a nice tan, my mom came back Read More

Science Behind the Color of the Sky

The sky usually is a familiar topic to us, and an aspect that we generally take for granted. However, it is hard to ignore the stunning and sometimes foreboding colors of the sky that occur during a sunset or storm. The sky is constantly changing colors, but what causes the sky to fluctuate between blue, Read More