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Different Types of Sheet Ice

Typical sheet ice refers to ice formed through a rapid freezing effect. They appear in a smooth, thin layer usually on water or wet surfaces. In other words, sheet ice completely covers the surface waters by thin layer ice pellets. The Formation of Sheet Ice As temperature continually goes down, the ice gradually grows thicker. Read More

Gift Ideas: Best Camp Dutch Oven Accessories

Outdoor camp cooking with Dutch ovens is a super fun part of every camping trip, especially if you have the right accessories! These “every day” accessories, make unique gifts for people who love cooking outdoors with a Dutch camp oven!  We at WeatherEgg have compiled the BEST Camp Dutch Oven Accessories that are necessary.

The Effects of Weather on Agriculture

Agriculture, the cultivation of crops and rearing of livestock for food and commercial purposes.  It is one of the pillars of the thriving economy of any country. United States Agriculture alone, for instance, is responsible for $300 billion gained to the US economy on an annual basis. When considering other agro-related products, the gross domestic Read More

Measuring Rainfall: Types of Rain Gauges

Long before now, several scientists wanting to measure rainfall came up with a few designs of rain gauges. The Ancient Greeks and in India were one of the first to create tools to measure rainfall. Then came Korea which first to create a standardized gauge called a Cheugugi. Rain Gauges We have rain gauges which are Read More

Volcanic Ash’s Affect on the Weather

After volcanic eruptions, the impact can be felt thousands of miles away from the eruptive foci or center. The weather condition stretching the entire perimeter of such distances and beyond can be profoundly affected too. This relatively long-range impact comes from the materials which are given off or emitted during the eruption. Prominent amongst these Read More

Imperial Measurements Vs. Metric Measurements

Celcius or Fahrenheit Differences As we look at reading temperatures, why are some using Imperial measurements while most others use Metric measurements? Do you know the difference? Well, let’s first look at what the different measurements are. Metric Measurement System Metric is a decimal system of weights and measures. It is easy to convert between units (e.g. from Read More