How Global Warming Impacts Wildfires

Every year, wildfires destroy thousands of homes and businesses all over the United States. However, they also can rejuvenate the environment if they stay relatively controlled. If a fire burns too much land and plants, then it could decimate entire ecosystems....

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Volcanic Lightning

In the dark of night, ominous lightning flashes above the slopes of an erupting volcano. However, most eruptions do not produce a stunning show in the sky, so volcanic lightning is a rare spectacle to see. Furthermore, scientists are unsure how this natural phenomenon...

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Wildfires- How They Help the Environment

On average, the United States experiences more than 100,000 wildfires per year. These fires move at approximately 14 miles an hour, and they burn an average of nine million acres of land. The raging flames and thick smoke of a wildfire consume everything in its path....

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