Using Wind to Create Electricity for our Use

Wind Turbines are popping up in a lot of places that have a lot of wind. Why? Simply put, the wind is air in motion.  Wind works by uneven pressure and temperature due to electromagnetic radiation from the sun. It represents a form of kinetic energy from the sun,...

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Volcanic Ash’s Affect on the Weather

After volcanic eruptions, the impact can be felt thousands of miles away from the eruptive foci or center. The weather condition stretching the entire perimeter of such distances and beyond can be profoundly affected too. This relatively long-range impact comes from...

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Using the Sun to Generate Electricity

The sun remains the ultimate source of energy for the entire universe. Through photosynthesis, plants utilize this energy from the sun by synthesizing its food and sugar. Energy is then storing in the plant tissues. This energy is transferring when animals eat plants,...

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Arctic Ice Depletion: Should we worry?

Arctic Ice is also known as Arctic sea ice. It is ocean water that has become frozen. It is responsible for the low temperature of the Polar Regions and ensures that global climate is always conducive. With its reflective surface that is very bright enough, it sends...

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