Take us to light speed!

A heavy snowstorm or a blizzard?  Have you ever driven down the highway during a snowstorm and you can’t even see the front of your car?  The feeling of light speed as you see the snow come towards the lights on your car.  What is a blizzard?  Is there a difference between a heavy snowstorm and blizzard?

MIT Killian Court in a blizzard with a person holding an umbrella

MIT Killian Court during blizzard


The only thing these two have in common is snow.  The wind is what makes a snowstorm, a blizzard.  The wind needs to be blowing more than 35 mph.  The visibility will be less than a quarter of a mile.  The severe part of this would be a whiteout.  A whiteout is when you cannot even see the horizon to orientate yourself.  A lot of people become lost when they try to venture out in this kind of storm.  They become disoriented and don’t even know what is a path or what is a cliff.

Some things to remember when traveling in some sort of snow storm.  First, know your weather.  Knowing what the weather will be will help you know what to be prepared for.  As winter approaches for some, the obvious is to have things to help survive that weather.

What to do?

You should:

  1. Learn how to survive a severe storm.
  2. Make sure someone knopeople pushing a vehicle during a blizzardws where you will be going and when you should return. This will give you the assurance that eventually you will be found.
  3. Fully winterize your vehicle. Especially have tire chains.
  4. Keep your gas tank ½ full or more.
  5. If you must leave your vehicle, make it known in your car or area which direction you will go.
  6. Create an emergency kit, plus, hand warmer packets and water.
  7. Sand for traction.
  8. Rock salt to melt walkways.
  9. Put blankets in the car.
  10. Matches, dry wood or flint, and steel.
  11. Foldup shovel to dig out or to create a shelter.
  12. Have enough funds if you must wait out the weather.

Being prepared will help you to already know.  Therefore, you won’t panic.

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